Tuber Sale Information

General Information

The sale will take place on Wednesday, 3/20 at 9 am EST. When we finish dividing all of our tubers, we will post in advance if we are able to do a restock. There is a minimum purchase of 3 tubers for shipping. Shipping will start as soon as possible.

All tubers were grown on our farm and are sold as a single tuber. The size and shape of the tuber does not indicate what size plant will grow. Even small, thin tubers will still grow beautiful Dahlias. Each tuber is guaranteed to have an eye (the bud where the plant will grow) and be true to variety. 

If you have any concerns, please contact us at the time your tuber is received. Concerns should be emailed to hello@redleaffarms.comPlease do not contact us via social media. If there is an issue beyond your control, we can replace the tuber with the same variety if available, offer a similar replacement, or credit toward next year’s sale. If we are not contacted at the time of delivery, that will indicate to us that the tuber is confirmed to be healthy. We are unable offer replacements or credit more than 3 days after the tuber is delivered  or once tubers leave the farm after pick up as we cannot be held responsible for failure to thrive as a result of storage or growth conditions.

Important to know

Placing an item in your cart does not reserve it. If others check out before you complete your order and the item sells out, the item will disappear from your cart. Be sure to log in at the start of the sale to ensure you get the varieties you want!

Please double check your email address and shipping address are entered correctly as this is how we will confirm your order and where we will ship your order.