Harvesting Tips

General care after harvest:

  • Do not leave flowers in a hot car.
  • Transfer out of the cup when you get home and change water every day or two. Cutting the end of the stems when changing the water can also prolong vase life.
  • Cut as deep in the plant as you can, just above a set of leaves. Strip off all lower leaves as this helps the flower hydrate and keeps leaves out of the water in your cup (and you can fit more flowers!)

Variety Specific tips:

Zinnias and Gomphrena: wiggle stem and if flower head is floppy, it is not ready to cut. It should feel stiff like a pencil.


Sunflowers: These can be cut when the flower is still closed as long as you can see color on the petals. Once fully open in the field, the vase life is not as long (but they are still beautiful!)

Can cut anytime: Celosia, Cosmos.